Inclusive Games

Like humor, game is a powerful communication and change tool. Thanks to the playful aspect, you can address topics from a different angle and intensify the learning process. Inclusive Games develops for you inclusive solutions and workshops in order to make diversity and inclusion a reality. Our approach is deeply benevolent and respectful of each person’s identity.

From the conception of our games to the facilitation of our training sessions, we are committed to making everyone feel free to be fully themselves and participate in the various activities on offer with confidence. Firmly convinced of the power of collective intelligence, we make sure to test our games and workshops with a variety of audiences and involve our various testers as much as possible in improving our solutions.


A serious and smart game to explore your reactions to usual situations of exclusion. An ideal tool for raising awareness and training for inclusion. A powerful medium for addressing difference in its most varied aspects and initiating a concrete inclusive approach. Available in two versions, “children” or “corporate”, in order to best match the realities encountered in school and corporate environments.


More than diversity awareness sessions, immersive experiences at the heart of inclusion. Entire workshops focused on the assimilation of inclusive behaviors and their immediate practice. An active pedagogy that gives you the opportunity to exchange tips and tricks and jointly develop innovative solutions in terms of D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) to use on a daily basis. Formulas for schools and companies.



"Khaleǐdoscope®". With an 'h'!? And what's with that funny accent over the 'i'? It was a daring move, especially for the daughter of two French teachers. So, deed. I rarely do things at random. Yes, but then… why? Why this name? Here I'll explain the whys and...


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